BedsValue, a LeEnticing Global subsidiary announces its first GSA in Iran


Announcing the company’s key milestone, Sambhav Kumar, CEO, LeEnticing Global Tourism LLC shared that the company’s subsidiary, BedsValue has signed Visman Seir Hafez as its first GSA in Tehran, Iran. Kumar is elated and hopeful about this association and pins his hope on Farhad Ebrahimzadeh (assigned GSA representative) for boosting sales for his brand in the Iran market.

A product of LeEnticing Global Tourism LLC, BedsValue is a leading B2B Portal for travel agents that help them get the best deals on hotels and excursions. Formed in the early-2020, BedsValue is a growing B2B portal having a plethora of hotel chains and excursions. “We are already heading to shake the market. In just a small period of time, we already have listed 3 lakh hotels and 10+ global suppliers to our system. We are playing globally by offering travel agents in over 25 countries,” their website states. Kumar, being an optimistic entrepreneur, is now turning his focus towards the India market as he believes in offering services that are both accessible for agents and unique out of the lot.

On the other hand, Farhad Ebrahimzadeh is known as one of the most professional and reliable representatives/ operators based in Tehran. “We believe in organization and commitment and hospitality. We have tried to stay true to our core beliefs,” their website says. Visman Seir also has great experiences in incoming and domestic Iran tours with the best, suitable and various tour packages for every individual.

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