Big Bus Tours Moves further into Indian Market with the Partnership with East West Marketing

Big Bus Tours, the largest operator of open-top sightseeing bus tours in the world, recently announced that Los Angeles-based East West Marketing (East/West) will serve as its partner in the India market. East West will oversee Business-to-Business development and serve as the in-market sales agency for Big Bus product training and solutions. In recent years, Big Bus implemented industry-leading technology advancements, including its Partner Booking Platform (PBP) to connect with a global trade network and deliver a seamless customer experience. Additionally, free onboard Wi-Fi access, real-time bus tracking, live guides on select routes and the free Big Bus Tours app accommodate the evolving digital needs of travellers on the go. The hop-on, the hop-off concept gives customers the freedom to explore each city at their own pace, choosing where to hop-off and discover something new.

“The India market is of major importance to us and we are excited to leverage East West Marketing’s vast trade network to expand our presence in India,” said Omid Golshan, EVP-Global Growth at Big Bus Tours. “The Big Bus digital transformation has allowed its trade partners to integrate faster,” said Rati Dhodapkar, CEO, East West Marketing India. “With these new tools and efficiencies, we’ll be able to bring the Big Bus brand to new partners in India and introduce more customers to the great cities of the world through its iconic hop-on, hop-off sightseeing tours. It’s invigorating to launch this new partnership in India.” East West Marketing will begin work for Big Bus Tours starting from February 2020.

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