The 35th annual convention of IATO brings forward the scope of new-age tourism in India

The freshly-concluded IATO convention hosted in the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata presented a platter of immense opportunities and possibilities for a brighter tomorrow for the travel fraternity of the country. Accentuating on the theme ‘Is Tourism thriving? Challenges and Opportunities’, the experts and forerunners of the tourism industry gave significant insights on issues such as … Read more

The Table Turners: Dynamic Entrepreneurs revolutionising the travel  and tourism space

There’s no ‘magic elixir’ that effortlessly lifts you off your cubicle’s confinement and lets you into the independent world of entrepreneurship. The great successes indeed grow from one tiny seed; need the right kind of perseverance to deal with the failures and zeal to fall and rise, time and again. From dealing with a fair … Read more

A melange of serenity and substance ‘MAYFAIR LAKE RESORT, RAIPUR’

Where the whirling clouds embrace the extraordinary beauty of the pristine Jhangh Lake, there lies the resplendent MAYFAIR Lake Resort, Raipur enveloped in abundant foliage. With its incredible ambience, think big bronze statues and aesthetically-pleasing paintings adding a creative burst, imposing banqueting and event spaces as well as heartfelt personalised service, this resort is simply … Read more

“We try and match all the requirements necessary for a destination wedding”

Debashish Bhowmik, Senior Vice President, Hotel Clarks Shiraz Primarily known as a major inbound destination, Agra has noticeably picked up its domestic market, over the past few years. The locals now prefer to host their weddings in a one-stop solution venue, catering to all their functions and needs, in a more professional and organised fashion. … Read more

9TH ADTOI convention concludes on prosperous note

The convention-cum-exhibition witnessed a huge turnout including delegates from Gujarat Tourism, Air India, Ministry of Tourism and hotel industry. ADTOI President P.P. Khanna in a heartfelt speech urged the association members to join hands and form a consortium for commercial gains and also spoke about scrapping of GST for travel agents promoting Indian destinations With … Read more

Weaving the Fascinating Sagas of Unplumbed Terrains

Terra Tales aims to flip the cliché in the booming hospitality market   We keep hearing inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs and how they initiated innovative ventures- how they are using their abilities and influence to improve the prospects for other women. One such entrepreneur who proved the phrase- ‘when a woman succeeds, everyone succeeds’ … Read more

Bucket My List aims to create innovative and intelligent travel experiences for ‘senior travellers’

People are increasingly getting well versed with the finer nuances of travelling and have become more discerning while they no longer mind paying a premium for quality and experiential tours, which can give them the local flavours of a particular destination through its people, food, terrain or culture. Taking a cue from this idea, ‘Bucket … Read more