TS Gagneet Kaur

The outbreak of Coronavirus and its unlikely eradication has brought the entire travel and tourism business on its knees worldwide and the sector is bearing the brunt of pandemic’s damage. While the moving, vibrant cities once thronged by the tourists are now at a stand-still, the shutdowns of borders and various restrictions have cost a huge loss to the economies. No one is even thinking of a holiday, let alone planning for one. At this point of time, where fuelling the tourism growth statistics from last year and a possibility of stress-free travelling seem like a far cry, a lot of thrust on promoting domestic tourism appears to be the silver lining, especially for countries like India.

Foreseeing the positive signs of recovery within the domestic tourism sector, Dev Karvat, Founder, CEO – India & Emerging Markets, TrawellTag CoverMore claims that since the domestic travel restrictions within our country have been rolled back and interstate travel has started to gain momentum, there has been a significant boost to the sector. Karvat further notifies how TrawellTag Cover-More, India’s leading dedicated provider of travel protection services, is coping up with the unexpected and new normal while doing its bit to restore the traveller’s confidence. “We have developed benefits for new-age travel trends such as staycations and domestic business trips and domestic cruise trips covering cancellations and delays. We are providing services such as medical evacuation and local hospitalisation support coupled with relevant travel insurance benefits during the hour of need. Furthermore, we are also constantly trying to refine our capabilities to better understand customers’ behaviour and offer them the best possible products and services with the help of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.”

While industry experts including Karvat have predicted the regional travel gaining much more preference over far-flung trips for the near future, they also do have a hope of seeing the travel resume with a renewed sense of sustainability and purpose of exploring. Karvat asserts, “Apart from maintaining personal hygiene and social distancing, travellers should follow all possible measures such as wearing a facemask while stepping-out and cleaning their hands with soap or hand sanitisers at regular intervals. Travellers should avoid contact with anyone who is unwell and immediately self-isolate themselves if they develop symptoms of Coronavirus before, during or after the travel.”

Though the current COVID and lockdown blues are real and don’t seem to end anytime soon, change, perhaps, will be ‘the thing’ after all and travel trade coming together for the restoration and reinvention of the tourism sector will play an imperative role. “The travel trade should continue spreading awareness and updates about the situation, educate travellers about the precautions to be undertaken and assist them to the best of their capacity,” Karvat stresses further.

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