Lufthansa Becomes the First Airline to Receive IATA ONE Order Certification

Lufthansa recently received IATA ONE Order certification after the completion of a one year pilot project in collaboration with Lufthansa Systems and became the world’s first airline to earn it. ONE Order provides passengers a single reference number for their journey, enabling all service and supplementary product documents to be fully integrated under a single booking reference number.

Lufthansa’s ONE Order certification from IATA follows the successful completion of a one-year pilot project at the airline in collaboration with Lufthansa Systems. The project’s objective was to conduct the entire product offer and booking process solely on the basis of the NDC and ONE Order standards. As part of the long-standing involvement of the Lufthansa Group in helping to develop new industry standards, the project’s feedback and findings were shared with both IATA and industry partners.

“We are very pleased to have become the first airline in the world to obtain this ONE Order certification,” says Christian Popp, the Lufthansa Group’s Head of Distribution and Revenue Management Strategy & Business Intelligence. “With the new ONE Order standard, we can even better address our customers’ needs, tap new potential and create added value together with our system partners within the travel market. This latest development is also further confirmation of the leading role that the Lufthansa Group continues to play in innovation terms, and marks another major step towards the airline sales of tomorrow.”

“We congratulate the Lufthansa Group on becoming the first airline group to earn our ONE Order certification,” adds Yanik Hoyles, IATA’s Director of Industry Distribution Programs. “With their NDC and ONE Order involvement, the Lufthansa Group is helping to take our industry further along the road to a modern digital retail experience.”

As drivers of innovation in today’s advanced distribution concepts, the Lufthansa Group works continually to develop and refine new technological solutions that can sustainably enhance the processes involved to offer a travel booking experience that is tailored as closely as possible to the individual customer’s needs.

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