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Meet the new Managing Committee of TAAI (2013-2015)

The 62nd Annual General Meeting of TAAI, held on December 16, 2013 at Bengaluru, followed by elections saw a tie in the position of President and one Managing Committee member. In this regard, in accordance with the legal opinion obtained by M Iqbal Mulla, as per the provisions of Article 79 of the Articles of Association of TAAI, in case of equality of votes, then the Chairman is entitled to a second or casting vote in addition to his own vote to which he is entitled to as a member. As such, M Iqbal Mulla, Chairman of 62nd Annual General Meeting of TAAI exercised his right under the said Article and casted his casting vote under the said Article 79 in favour of Mukesh Patel and declared Mukesh Patel to be elected as a Member of the Managing Committee for the term 2013-15 as against Gurmeet Singh Vij and also voted for himself under the said Article 79 thereby declaring himself as the President for the term 2013-15 as against Rajinder Rai.


1)         M Iqbal Mulla, President
2)         Sunil Kumar R, Vice President
3)         Harmandeep Singh Anand, Hon. Secretary General
4)         Marzban Antia, Hon. Treasurer

1)        Lokesh Bettaiah
2)        Imtiaz Qureshi
3)        Kirti Vyas
4)        Jyoti Mayal
5)        Jay Bhatia
6)        Vijay Mohan Raj  
7)        Mukesh Patel

All the elected members of the TAAI Managing Committee have assumed their respective offices including M Iqbal Mulla and Mukesh Patel.


Upcoming Events
  • Art of Tourism 2017
    Date:31 March
    Venue:St. Petersburg - Russia

  • ILTM Africa (Int'l Luxury Travel Market)
    Date:21-23 April 2017
    Venue:ILTM Africa (Int'l Luxury Travel Market)

  • Arabian Travel Market (ATM)
    Date:24-27 April 2017
    Venue:Dubai - UAE

  • International Medical Forum and Healthcare Travel Expo
    Date:25-27 April 2017
    Venue:Kiev - Ukraine

  • Peru Travel Mart
    Date:5-8 May 2017
    Venue:Lima - Peru

  • WTF ( World Travel Fair)
    Date:7-10 May 2017
    Venue:Shanghai - China

    Date:16-18 May 2017
    Venue:Durban - S.Africa

  • KOFTA (Korea World Travel Fair)
    Date:1-4 June 2017
    Venue:Seoul - Korea

  • IBTM America
    Date:14-16 June 2017
    Venue:South Florida - USA

  • BITE (Beijing International Tourism Expo)
    Date:23-25 June 2017
    Venue:Beijing - China

  • Travel & Tourism Hyderabad (TTF)
    Date:14-15 July 2017
    Venue:Hyderabad - India

  • OTDYKH MICE/ OTDYKH Luxury/ OTDYKH Medical Tourism, Spa & Health/ OTDYKH Leisure
    Date:20-23 July 2017
    Venue:Moscow - Russia

  • Bharat International Tourism Bazaar (BITB)
    Date:21-23 July 2017
    Venue:New Delhi - India

  • ITB Asia 2017
    Date:25 - 27 October 2017
    Venue:Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

  • Riyadh Travel Fair
    Date:5-8 April 2017
    Venue:Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

  • World Travel Market Latin America
    Date:4-6 April 2017
    Venue:Sao Paulo - Brazil

  • Thailand Tourism Forum
    Date:23 January
    Venue:Bangkok - Thailand

  • British Tourism & Travel Show
    Date:22-23 March
    Venue:Birmingham - UK

  • Moscow International MICE Forum
    Date:20 March 2017
    Venue:Moscow - Russia

  • India Travel Mart (ITM)
    Date:12-14 March 2017
    Venue:Goa - India

  • ITB Berlin
    Date:8-12 March 2017
    Venue:Berlin - Germany

  • Luxury Travel Market
    Date:2-3 March 2017
    Venue:Moscow - Russia

  • GITF - Guangzhou International Travel Fair
    Date:23-25 February
    Venue:Guangzhou - China

  • OTM
    Date:21-23 February
    Venue:Mumbai - India

  • SATTE (South Asia Travel & Tourism Expo)
    Date:15-17 February
    Venue:New Delhi - India

  • India Travel Mart ITM
    Date:10-12th February
    Venue:Ahmedabad, India

  • IITT (India International Tourism Exhibition)
    Date:9-11 February
    Venue:Mumbai - India

  • MICE Place
    Date:24-25 January
    Venue:Marseille - France

  • Travel & Tourism Fair- (TTF)
    Date:13-15 January 2017

    Date:18-22 January
    Venue:Madrid - Spain

  • World Travel Market (WTM)
    Date:6-8 November 2017
    Venue:London - UK

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