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How cloud telephony can redefine customer engagement for travel companies



By Shivakumar Ganesan, CEO & Co-Founder of Exotel


The travel industry in India is growing at an excellent pace, thanks to the swell in the economic scenario, and also growing awareness because of social media. The industry is booming and enticing people of all age groups. Online travel booking has also become the norm.


The United Nations World Trade Organisation predicts that India will account for about 50 million outbound tourists by 2020.


The world is your digital oyster. With just a click, you can now not only book a place but plan your entire travel. Today’s traveller expects more than just the service platform. They expect intelligent user interfaces that understand their demands and responds quickly with complete and personalized solutions.


They have already initiated their search at home on the mobile phone before stepping out of their house. Travellers are evolving with technology and engagement for this kind of traveller is the need of the hour.


With the above facts establishing travel and tourism as one of the fastest growing sectors, it is imperative that brands build and scale their customer experience to meet the changing needs of travellers around the world. Customer experience is everything in travel and hospitality.


It is clear by now that travel industry is booming and for any travel operator/agency to survive in this cut-throat competitive market the first and the foremost preference should be given to enhancing the customer experience. This is where cloud telephony comes into the picture.


By enabling you to add a personalised touch to your conversation and by being in touch with the customer's needs, it helps you see the deep rooted benefits of keeping constant touch with your customer. Cloud telephony enables you to have an upper hand over your competitors by boosting customer engagement through offers, contests, loyalty discount codes, product feedback over SMS, etc.


Cruise your customers’ way with cloud telephony


  • Click To Call: A customer landing on your website to plan for his upcoming travel is generally plagued with multiple questions such as a general enquiry about the place, pricing, itinerary, weather etc. Placing a click-to-call button on your website will help him reach your customer support with just a click of a button.


  • IVR for basic queries: Most often customers call the customer care of the travel websites to cancel, or check the status of a refund. This dynamic information can be completely automated with cloud telephony. This ensures smooth support for the customer, and optimization of resources such as manpower for the business.


  • Automated Feedback: Continuous real-time feedback from customers is crucial for an industry like travel and hospitality. It has taken a benchwarmer role because most businesses do not have the resources to call up the customers manually. Automated IVR calls and SMS can be leveraged to complete the feedback loop, and obtain feedback regarding the ease of the booking process.


  • SMS Updates: Keeping your customer in the loop about any changes, sending them reminders about their upcoming travel are all small yet effective steps. You can even send them snippets or trivia about the location of their travel. This is bound to leave an amazing customer experience.


  • Automation on top of legacy systems: Many travel companies are reluctant to move towards a holistic platform like cloud telephony because of the heavy investment on legacy systems. The advantage of cloud telephony is that it is possible to add a layer of IVR automation over existing legacy systems. Your phone just got the cloud telephony advantage.


By helping travel companies create a responsive work environment and providing rapid response to the dynamic business needs, cloud telephony has replaced the traditional telephone system for this industry at lightning speed.

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