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Turkey A Mesmerizing and Enthralling Land

“Turkey is a destination where charm lies somewhere between its stunning landscapes. It is rich in it’s  Beautiful Nature, Ancient Ruins and Architecture Heritage. It is a popular destination for Culture, Spa, and Health. Turkey constantly surprises its tourist with the variety of storied history, and on seaside resorts along its Aegean and Mediterranean Sea coasts.


Turkey is located in Western Asia and South-eastern Europe and has been receiving the cultures from both continual. Turkey is rich for beautiful nature which attracts many tourists around the world. In recent years, Turkey has also become a popular destination for culture, spa, and health care tourism. In 2011, Turkey attracted more than 31.5 million foreign tourists, ranking as the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world. It is a unique country which has a rich, Layered, And Magical World Full Of History, Culture, Gastronomy, Humanity, And Commerce. 


As the old Turkish saying goes: ‘A cup of coffee commits one to 40 years of friendship.’ This proverb nails the addictive qualities of the Turkish lifestyle, enjoyed by people who are blessed with a land...” Turkey is also directing an unparalleled amount of funding into the country’s cultural sites, exposing “Secondary” Archaeological Sites. Turkey focuses largely on a variety of historical sites, and on seaside resorts along its Aegean and Mediterranean Sea coasts.


By Flight

There is no direct flight to Turkey. The most convenient way to go for Turkey is via Dubai. Most long-haul international flights to Turkey land at Atatürk International Airport.


By Ship
There are no longer direct ferries between Turkey and Italy, but you can still travel on this route via Greece and the ferries between the Greek Aegean islands and Turkey. 


By Road
If you drive your own car to Turkey, you’ll need to buy Green Card insurance at the border from the Turkish Touring and Automobile Association.



Istanbul historically also known as Constantinople and Byzantium, is the Turkey’s most populous city as well as its cultural and financial hub. Located on both sides of the Bosphorus, the narrow strait between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, Istanbul bridges Asia and Europe both physically and culturally. The Old City reflects cultural influences of the many empires that once ruled here. Istanbul’s population is estimated to be between 12 and 19 million people, making it also one of the largest cities in Europe and the world. 


Alacati is a village in Central Aegean. If you walk through the streets in this village, you will see the beautiful Greek architecture and very nice people. Now, this village is becoming to be the popular destinations in Turkey. Not only sightseeing tour, but you can do windsurfing as well. The town is quiet by day when most visitors flock to the sandy beaches around Alacati when people come into its own in the evenings, when its cobbled streets, outdoor cafés, quirky antiques and souvenir shops buzz with locals and tourists.


Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz
Blue Lagoon is located in Oludeniz, is a small village and beach resort in the Fethiye district of Muğla Province, on the Turquoise Coast of southwestern Turkey. It is the most popular beach destinations in Turkey because it is very beautiful scenery, calm atmosphere and very crystal clear water. Variety of the water sports can be experienced here by the tourists.


Marmaris is a Mediterranean resort town along the Turkish Riviera (also known as the Turquoise Coast) with a busy, pebbly beach and long seafront promenade. It’s known for buzzing nightlife on Bar Street, which is home to open-air clubs and music venues. It sits in a valley between pine-forested mountains and clear waters, which are popular for sailing and diving. A gorgeous backdrop of pine-clad mountains looms behind the seaside resort of Marmaris in southwest Turkey.


Bodrum come to be associated with pleasure, paradisical beaches and glittering summertime opulence. Previously, it was a simple fishing village. More than any other Turkish seaside getaway, it has an enigmatic elegance that pervades it, from the town’s grand crowning castle and glittering marina to its flower-filled cafes and white-plastered backstreets. Even in the most hectic days of high summer.


Cappadocia is an area in Central Anatolia in Turkey best known for its unique moon-like landscape, underground cities, cave churches and houses carved in the rocks. Lying in south central Turkey, the moonscape region of Cappadocia, southeast of Ankara, is most famous for unique geological features called fairy chimneys and sensuous folds in the soft volcanic rock.
Although the volcanic landscape can appear inhospitable, the mineral-rich 


soil is excellent for growing vegetables and fruits, making Cappadocia a rich agricultural region. It has always been one of Anatolia’s prime grape-growing areas, and still boasts many productive vineyards and wineries.


Turkish cuisine is very diverse and world renowned. Istanbul is a melting pot of cultures, and all these influences pleasantly affect the food scene. So, forget about the international food chain while you’re here, and experience real Turkish food. The breakfast habits of Turks are slightly different than the Europeans’. For starters, tea replaces the coffee. Also sliced tomatoes and/or cucumbers are a must for a Turkish breakfast. The rest of the elements are similar. The most common type of bread is white bread.
The surprise ingredients are sucuklu yumurta and borek. These two are the most common dishes served to guests. Sucuk is dried sausage made of ground beef with garlic and a variety of spices like red pepper, cumin and sumac. And cooked on a pan mostly with eggs it becomes a fatty yet delicious extravaganza. Borek is made of thin sheets of dough, filled with cheese, minced meat and/or vegetables, wrapped and baked or cooked.


Shopping in Turkey is great, with open-air markets, covered Turkish bazaars and chic boutiques everywhere but Turkey is fabulous for shopping at all price points. High quality textiles, organic cottons, fashion, top quality blue jeans (Mavi is a hip Turkish brand), jewelry, leather goods, silver, gold, magnificent silk scarves, rugs and kilims, housewares, food gifts, hand painted ceramics, tiles and on and on. Onyx is one of the best buys you can ever make. There is an abundance of it in Turkey 
and skilled craftsmen all over the country sculpt it into chess sets, spice bowls, decorative bowls, bathroom fixtures, ash trays and vases. You name it and it can be made. If you want to take just one souvenir home, make sure it is a piece of Onyx.


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