Outbound Souk | 2016-04-30
Russia has always been known for outbound

“Russia has always been known for outbound but few know it’s also one of the largest inbound markets. With the currency depreciation there is a major boom in Russian tourism right now from across the world.”  Charu Makin, Director of Visit Russia.
Travel to Russia is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with Russian History and Culture. Russia spans eleven time zones and two continents and is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This is a great country with an array of Rivers, Forests and Towering Mountains. Now you have a chance to explore its land of striking beauty and diversity, from magnificent capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg, to the measured life of Siberian cities. The whole new world is waiting for you to be discovered.



What sets Russia apart from other destination in the tourism market?
Russia is truly an inquest destination. Geographically and culturally it’s an eclectic mix of Asia and Europe. It is the only country which has seen Monarchy, Communism and Capitalism in one Lifespan. The culture epitomises patriotism and yes embraces all cultures equally. Basically it’s an unparalleled experience where one sees how diversity can grow a country. It has Culture, Shopping, Nature Food, Unique Experiences all available at one place. 


What are your views on the current scenario of travel and tourism industry in Russia?
Russia has always been known for outbound but few know it’s also one of the largest inbound markets. With the currency depreciation there is a major boom in Russian tourism right now from across the World. As an industry it’s highly developed and professional. All sites are very well managed and licensed guides are available. 


What is the current number of tourist arrivals from India to Russia?
Russia is still new destination for India, it’s still on a lot of peoples bucket lists but travel is restricted due to a lot of myths. Last year we had 12000 visitors only compared to over a million Chinese. 


What are some amazing activities that tourist can experience while their visit to Russia? 
Tourists can fly the MIG Aircraft if budget is not an issue while their visit to Russia. Hunting and fishing are also very popular. 


Which destination is expected to receive maximum turn around in 2016?
I feel Russia will develop into a major tourist attraction this year. When we launched the fixed series last year there wed a lot of apprehensions but almost 12000 pax travelled in the first year itself. The depreciating Ruble is surely bound to attract tourists who look for value for money.


What are your expectations and plans ahead for Russia in the coming years?
Russia will emerge as one of the top destinations and we will see repeat travellers. People will begin to travel beyond the major cities to other regions like Baikal, Sochi and Kamchatka. 


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  • SATTE (South Asia Travel & Tourism Expo)
    Date:15-17 February
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    Date:10-12th February
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