Aviation Monitor | 2016-03-23
LATAM Airline Consolidates to Become the Largest Airline Group in Latin America

LATAM Airlines Group is currently working on the gradual roll-out of the new corporate brand image over the next three years for airports, aircraft, commercial offices, web pages, and uniforms.  The first changes will be visible starting in the first half of 2016 with specific dates to be announced in a timely manner.



The new brand represents the creation of the largest airline group in Latin America and one of the largest in the world. The decision to create a new brand is a historic milestone in the airline industry not only because this is the first time an airline group has chosen to consolidate under a single brand, but because this is the first time a Latin America based airline group aspires to become one of the best in the world.


The choice of the name LATAM, part of the consolidation of LAN and TAM, is the result of an extensive study conducted in countries following the association of both airlines and their affiliates. After an extensive integration process following the association of LAN Airlines and TAM Airlines - during which the Group made great advances in achieving synergies for internal processes, network optimisation, and fleet restructuring and modernisation - LATAM Airlines Group has decided to adopt a single name and identity and announces that the new brand for the largest airline group in Latin America and its affiliates will be LATAM.


Enrique Cueto, CEO of LATAM Airlines Group “Connecting LATAM to the world, and bringing the world to LATAM. The airline group has grown up alongside each country in the region and has consolidated to offer clients the best network of connections and most modern fleet in Latin America.  The passenger experience will improve with access to a single product and service within one network, more powerful online presence and integrated channels of communication, in addition to faster development of innovation and technology in the countries where the Group operates.  LATAM will be a brand that builds a culture that is dedicated to taking care of its clients,” 


Cueto added, “LATAM will increase optimisation of our fleet, provide easier access for passengers and clients to the best network of destinations in the region while offering a new in-flight experience, updates in service and in-flight entertainment, and innovative technology that gives passengers more control over their travel experience. Our passengers have high expectations and we want to offer them service that meets those expectations. LATAM will be a brand that builds a culture that is dedicated to taking care of its clients,” 


Mauricio Amaro, President of the Board of Directors, LATAM Airlines Group. “Out of all of the options that we were considering, the name LATAM always seemed to us to be the most natural evolution of both the LAN and TAM brands, but a period of mutual understanding  and maturation was necessary to make the decision.  We knew that having a single brand was essential to consolidate the connection between LAN and TAM, and the name LATAM creates a strong identity for the airlines that form the largest airline group in Latin America.” 


Jerome Cadier, VP of Marketing for LATAM Airlines Group said, “The logo was inspired by the identity and heritage of the region, incorporating the best of LAN and TAM.  For this reason, we selected indigo and coral as the main colours for LATAM that symbolizes energy and passion, essential attributes of the new brand.  These two colours are supported by secondary colours that bring to life the diversity that is found in Latin America.”


 LATAM is building new experience for its customers as the Airline has an aggressive agenda of innovative projects that will positively impact their travel experiences thereby providing a greater autonomy to manage their flight. The Airline has invested more than US$100 million in technological platforms or solutions to optimize the quality of services, passengers’ travel experience and the tasks of LAN and TAM’s employees. 


LATAM Airlines Group continuously implements initiatives aimed at reducing its impact on the environment including the use of modern aircraft and the latest technologies to minimize the carbon footprint and generate greater fuel efficiency. Other initiatives include the development of an energy efficiency program in its corporate headquarters and maintenance bases, the use of electric vehicles for ramp operations, and the promotion of recycling programs. The Group’s environmental projects have focused on three pillars: fleet modernization (better combustion operating engines, reduced fuel consumption and emissions), operational efficiency to drive results, and the search for sustainable alternative energy.


For the second consecutive year, LATAM Airlines Group has been the first airline group in America in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the most important global sustainability benchmark. The group was chosen from a select group of companies leading in sustainability for its administration of economic performance, social responsibility and environmental management in the long-term. Together with Air France-KLM Group. 


LATAM Airlines Group is one of the two airline groups in the aviation industry currently listed in the Dow Jones World. LATAM Airlines Group aims to contribute to the economic and environmental development of South America and preserve its cultural heritage. For this reason, the Company is proud to give back to the community through the support of sustainable development initiatives that ensure economic, social and environmental growth in the region.


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