Aviation Monitor | 2016-11-11
Let's reshape travel together, Mario Habig

With a new vision to create “The journey of a lifetime, every time”, Le Passage to India has positioned itself as a brand extensively promoting Destination Services with their global practices and collaborative strengths. In an exclusive interview with TravelScapes, Mario Habig, Managing Director, Le Passage to India Journeys speaks about how Le Passage has outshined in reshaping the destination experiences their way. Creating a differentiation factor would be their major focus at WTM London 2016.


Ts Gagneet Kaur



Significance of the World Travel Mart for you this year?

It is a pleasure for Le Passage to India to participate in the World Travel Mart, London this year. It is also a matter of pride for us that we have participated every year in WTM since our inception in 2005.


Given the WTM’s status as one of the most important global travel trade fairs, we are delighted to see that Incredible India has tied up with the WTM as premier destination partner. This is indeed a great development because joint active marketing through the trade fraternity and Incredible India is the base for future growth for India’s tourism industry. Having said that, we hope this is also the starting point of active marketing support from the Tourism Board. 


Contribution of Le Passage to India in supporting destination growth in the future?

Le Passage to India has chalked out a clear long-term plan to contribute its share in a definitive way to support destination growth. Making use of a strong participative approach, we have put in place a new vision of creating 'The journey of a lifetime, every time.'


Our brand positioning statement is reflected in how we engage with our partners in a co-creative approach, constantly innovating new products and services, and applies the finest global practices and collaborative strengths as part of a global destination services network.


Define your pivotal role in destination management?

As part of Destination Services we are constantly striving to reshape destination experiences. Ours is a global business that comprises local experts to design and craft customised destination experiences worldwide that not only enhance experiences but also surpass expectations. In doing so, we are achieving and setting stellar industry standards in everything we accomplish.


How do you strive to optimise your key assets to be both different and unique in destination services?


We illustrate how we do both, while also defining our advancement over the past year: First, is the way we apply client engagement and try to work as closely as possible with our partners. In today’s world, we need to think of this as part of one integrated service offering to travellers and guests in our destination, and not purely understand ourselves as another link in the value chain. We apply this through various means, i.e. integrated team structures or shared content platforms.


Second, is our understanding of product differentiation and exclusivities as integral to success. We need to create value for our partners by providing access to experiences that offer them a true differentiation potential, enhance the client experience, and maneuver us out of a pure price game. To create access to venues like our Mexican colleagues do – opening the Chichen Itza for clients well before anybody else can visit this iconic monument – is one such example, and there are many such instances. This is what we strive for in India as well.


Third, operational excellence – Le Passage to India Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd has successfully completed the ISO 9001:2015 certification, making us one of the first Destination Management Companies globally to gain this distinction. The company was officially certified by BSI Worldwide on May 2016 for ISO 9001:2015 for the scope - Provision of Destination Management Services for Inbound & Domestic Tour Operations. By meeting the extensive criteria for these standards, we can proudly re-affirm that we have never lost track of our philosophy: that we strive for operational excellence by implementing best practices not only from within our global network, but beyond, to provide the most reliable operational support and highest quality to our customers in order to deliver ‘The journey of a lifetime, every time'.


Lastly, collaborative strengths – For us, the great asset of being part of a global DMC business is that it offers us access to financial resources; a develop-once-deploy-multiple-times advantage, using creative brainstorming across borders and business expertise across the globe; and ensures we share the best practices not only between countries but between the three core client groups we operate: leisure clients, corporate clients, and cruise line clients.


Do you see this as a point of discussion at the WTM?  

Yes, this is what will be one of the core talking points at this year's World Travel Mart for us: How do we create differentiation and exclusivities together with our partners for their guests in India? How do we best integrate ourselves in a 360-degree experience management ideal and form part of our partners’ brand promise? We have innovated for one and a half years, and have implemented tools that will truly make a difference in servicing clients and showcasing the diversity of India in the finest way.



How do you collaborate within your network to deliver outstanding destination services and experiences?

We synergise technology developments that drive efficiency and access share fresh ideas for innovative product and destination services; we have multi-lingual and source market based key account management structures supporting us in our client engagement; and we benefit from the best practices – sharing in global compliance, health and safety, and incident and crisis management procedures, all vital concerns today. 


Finally, we, as a network, can create multi-centre products based on consistent quality standards. This joint approach toward clients is also one of the key reasons for our decision to join our global network stand beginning this year. Coming together with our colleagues from around the world will make us even stronger and enhance our value proposition.


In our endeavour to connect with you, we invite you to our global stand GV615 – we would be most delighted to update you in person on our various initiatives. Let's reshape travel together. We look forward to seeing you.









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