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A memorable voyage to Macao

A truly unique destination, Macao lies opposite to bustling Hong Kong but has a style all of its own, blending European and Asian heritage into its culture, cuisine, architecture and history. Touches of Portugal infuse from Macao’s churches and plazas to its cuisine. The Historic Center of Macao is a brilliant example of the meshing of East and West, featuring European-style buildings and squares, as well as Asian temples and monuments. The Portuguese history in this UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back about 450 years. Macao’s proximity to Hong Kong makes it an easy destination to get to, but with festivals, dragon races, shopping, cuisine, history and culture, a simple day trip will not be enough to absorb all that it has to offer.


10 ways to enjoy in Macao



Watch the Entertaining shows

Choose from several entertaining shows like - House of Dancing Water, Viva La Broadway or witness Franz Harary’s electrifying “Mega Magic” - specially created for The House of Magic.

One of the most interesting pieces to visit in Macao is certainly the tour de force of the Wynn Macao which is a premier hot spot in Macao. You will get to see one of the most famous fountain show exhibit called the Performance Lake.


Enjoy the exotic Food

Enjoy mouth-watering Macanese, Portuguese and Chinese food in Macao. A Lorcha restaurant boasts of its multicultural cuisine. You can savour splendid Portuguese food here.

Foodies must try the local favorites, including pasteis de nata (Portuguese egg tarts) at Lord Stow bakery, almond cakes, peanut sweets and Serra Dura, a popular Portuguese dessert.


Enjoy Local Attractions

Nam Van Lakeside is a leisure hub with spectacular performances, creative activities and delicious dining options in the serene vicinity of lakeside. You can explore the lakeside as there are arrangements such as cultural and creative shop, arts pavilion, indoor craft and a book market. Enjoy creativity, dining, performances and leisure all at once.

Be an adventure junkie

One of the tallest towers in the world, it gives incredible views across Macao and on clear days, all the way across the Pearl River Delta to Hong Kong. Visitors can experience speeds of up to approximately 120 miles per hour by bunjee jumping off the top!


See the colorful Festivals Fireworks Display Contest, International Music Festival

International Fireworks Display Contest is universally acclaimed as one of the best of its kind. You can enjoy spectacular displays in the night sky that can be enjoyed from many vantage points on the Macao Peninsula and Taipa Island. International Music Festival is a major annual event attracting hundreds of thousands to the city


Shop till you drop

Macao is a hotspot for clothing, jewelry, textiles and electronics as well as antiques, art, furniture, cashmere and silk, porcelain, Portuguese wines and traditional Chinese medicines. The best shopping spots to meander are Senado Square, The Rua de Sao Paulo and The Red Market.


Family Fun

Enjoy with your family at the Panda Pavilion which houses giant pandas. The 3D museum is a beautiful and tech-savvy museum brings visitors a brand new sensory experience through 4D elements such as lighting effects, analog sound and props.


Rejuvenate at the Spa – Relax at the Mandarin Oriental Spa or the Venetian spa

As one high-end hotel after another has opened its doors in Macao, so too have spas, each with their own menus of massages and beauty treatments. Many of the destination’s larger hotels, have pools and luxury spa facilities, each with saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, relaxation rooms and treatment rooms.


Explore the Quiet Coloane Island

Escape the buzz of the city and head to the ColoaneIsland, a greener, more relaxed part of Macao. The countryside here is pockmarked by sandy beaches, quaint villages and forested hills home to networks of nature trails and picnic areas. Walking, golf, fishing, horse-riding and swimming can all be enjoyed on Taipa and Coloane.


Take a walking trip to understand Macao Peninsula

At the heart of modern Macao lies the city’s Historic Center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Historic Center is a fusion of the region’s intertwined past with both Chinese and Portuguese influences. Over 20 buildings make up the historic center, including temples, churches, a theater, fortress and a lighthouse.

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