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Industry's expectations from 63rd Annual Convention & Exhibition of TAAI

Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) has been taking its annual Conventions year on year to various attractive destinations where they have been able to bump up the Indian arrivals. With useful take-homes for the delegates every year, the previous 62 Conventions have met a grand success. The 63rd Annual Convention & Exhibition of TAAI with its unique theme this year, majorly focuses on the transformations to be done in the fast changing world and the time to act is “now”! It will also highlight “Inbound into India” as one of the important subjects to be discussed to promote the country on an International platform.


The theme for TAAI convention is “Tomorrow begins NOW" - Rise above routine” keeping in mind the urgent need of members to move forth with time and technology in order to excel a better growth. In an exclusive interaction with TravelScapes, the key members of TAAI brought out their expectations they have from this year’s Convention. Sunil Kumar, President, TAAI highlighted that we are in an era which not only threatens the sustainability of many of us who are not ready to cope with the change; but also it may eventually get wiped out from the growing field of opportunities. If our living is not fine-tuned towards successfully encountering the pathway, we may not have a smooth path to ride towards growth. Further, elaborating the theme of the Convention that showcases how much important a transformation is, Sunil said “This Convention will be yet another mile-stone in the history of TAAI to confirm our strength of relationship as well as our ability to organize such events. Learning is continuous and unless one is provoked, again and again, the spark that lights up does not lead you towards embracing change and the most needed shift in your approaches towards business.”


“Our Business Sessions on the theme "Tomorrow Begins NOW" with a tag line - rise above routine, will offer that provocation and inspire us to adopt the most needed newer approaches in doing business.  Abu Dhabi, though is extremely qualified to receive many more Indians, is currently experiencing small numbers. Our Convention endeavours to change this tide and gift Abu Dhabi will more inbound from India, which will be proved soon, thank to this Convention and TAAI's ability to support such situations.” He added.


Jay Bhatia, Hon. National Treasurer & Chairman - Tourism Council, TAAI said that it would be a great platform for creating opportunities to enhance business through networking, destination visit, showing the real potential of Abu Dhabi as one of the upcoming tourism, luxury and entertainment destinations in the middle-east.Our theme is evolved on the same to enhance us to Rise above routine and act NOW!” Bhatia said.


Looking forward to interact with delegates from India and Middle East, Bettaiah Lokesh, Hon. Secretary General, TAAI focused that these conventions are known to have the best business sessions with excellent speakers. He says that there isn't a single thing in this world that's made better by starting tomorrow. He asserts that if we want the world to change, let’s not wait for it.  Everything that we care about needs to begin NOW and the change should be done now.


Anil Kumar and Shreeram Patel, members of Managing Committee, too believe that having a great networking experience with loads of knowledge to gain and at the same time experiencing the charm of the destination around; can be fruitful for the members/participants.


The Convention being held in Abu Dhabi is turning many heads in lieu of experiencing a wealthier and luxurious browsing. Jyoti Mayal , Member Managing Committee, is expecting to experience the affluent side that Abu Dhabi has to offer. She also emphasised that TAAI has been holding its convention year on year and is an event which is carried forward by each elected team along with its members like a sacred tradition.

“The icing of this event is that our convention is being held at The Emirates Palace. A wealthy country with a wealthier experience is what me and the entire industry is looking forward to.” Mayal said.

Rajan Sehgal, Northern Chapter Chairman, TAAI stated that these Conventions are a very good platform where people from all over the India and other parts of world meet and discuss the issues. “The TAAI Convention is basically a travel-based forum. As there are various challenges in the Tourism sector, my expectation is that the discussions and sessions happening here should be result-oriented.” says Sehgal believing that these fruitful discussions may lead to a better future for tourism sector.

From promoting the Inbound in India to implementation of steps for rising above the routine, the entire TAAI fraternity is much expectant of bringing about a constructive change to the near-evolving Tourism. We hope this event will be much bigger and successful alike others that successfully went by and will end with a positive anticipation of getting the major industry concerns addressed.






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