“Our focus on the after-sales service and customer service makes us a service provider as well as the tourism facilitators”


Emphasising the importance of both the after-sales service and on-ground customer service, LeEnticing Global is all geared up and chugging towards hitting big in the India market. Believing in the core values of being tourism facilitators rather than being known as mere service providers, Sambhav Kumar, CEO, LeEnticing Global, in conversation with TravelScapes reveals his aims, objectives and creative approaches on how his company and its subsidiaries are planning to stay ahead of the curve


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  1. Please give an overview of LeEnticing Global including a brief about the services offered by its three subsidiaries.

LeEnticing Global is a Global Tech Bound Tourism Company serving its clients from all across the globe with its B2B products. LeEnticing Global as a company has 3 products:

A. BedsValue : Beds Value is a user-friendly B2B portal that offers 300,000 hotels and over 5,000 destinations worldwide for its global travel agents and agencies. B2B clients across all over the globe can choose from the gigantic inventory that includes luxurious hotels to penthouses and also international hotel chains, lavish resorts and city-center properties

B. Enticing Apartments: It is the world’s first B2C platform offering the customer to book their accommodation not only for leisure but also for long-term tenure (More than 30 Nights). It serves the customers with all kinds of Hotel Apartments, Penthouses & Villas (Maintained by a Hotel Chain). Customers can check the accommodation online and can book it for a minimum of 1 night and a maximum of 365 Nights.

C. Visa Imprint: It is a B2B System that gives our clients access to apply e-Visa for their customers online and in a hassle-free manner. No more exchange of multiple emails is required with all important documents. Just logging in to our secured system and applying for the visa will help. Once approved, our client can download the E-visa and cater to their customers more appropriately.


  1. What creative approaches are you adding to your products/ services to make a mark and stand out in the India market?


In India, where only few wholesalers are catering to a wide range of markets, we are here to make our mark and capture our share in the $60 Billion market. We offer a wide range of products to cater to all the needs of the travel agents and their respective clientele. We also majorly focus on after-sales service which is a much-needed aspect in today’s time.


  1.   The apartment accommodation concept is comparatively new in India. What are your marketing strategies to familiarise the Indian travel trade fraternity with the same?

Today, India is known as one of the biggest markets for UAE and people often visit the destination for work. The major issue they come across is with their accommodation. While they can easily find a good and cheap hotel, they might just end up paying more for the food and other miscellaneous things. In our system, we offer the customer hotel apartments which are fully equipped with all the things a person needs like furniture & appliances so that he can accommodate himself easily. We offer prices in such a way that they end up making the apartment their permanent residence till the time they are in that particular country. Our hotel apartments just allow them to move in with their luggage of clothes and rest all like daily necessities are given to them by the hotel apartment team.


  1.   What are your plans for engaging more travel agents from India?

India is a $60 Billion market where the travel agents don’t have many options as a supplier to cater to many destinations. We are here to help them with materializing all destinations they want for their customer. Reiterating the fact that we are majorly focused on the after-sales service, which is a very big concern for the travel agents with the current wholesalers.


  1.   How does your travel company utilise social media platforms in its marketing mix?

We are present on all the major social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook. Being a tech-bound travel company, we perfectly showcase our products and their features as to what they have in store for our clients.


  1.   Currently, infusing confidence among tourists is the key to tourism revival. According to you, what are the two major things to keep in mind while booking a trip amidst the pandemic situation?


A. Booking should be done with a reliable partner who keeps them updated with all recent updates being followed by the countries and their ministry in this pandemic time.

B. Inventory and availability play a big role in the travel market. We offer the best inventories and availability to our partners to materialise the business in this pandemic time.


  1.   Since the dynamics of travel business post-pandemic have changed drastically, the travel companies today should display active adaptability and become tourism facilitators, instead of just the service providers. How far do you agree with this statement and how is your company coping with this wave of change?

Pandemic has changed the entire way of travelling. It is indeed very important to become a tourism facilitator but being a service provider and tourism facilitator both are like cherry on top of the cake. Our focus on after-sales service and customer service makes us a service provider as well as the tourism facilitators.



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