REDISCOVERING ‘APNA DESH’ : A collage of Indian spectacles to resurrect the wanderlust

Truth should be told that the misfortune of the present time, that the globe is experiencing, has shuddered its travel tribe as well. However, it is also believed that the ‘road to recovery’ isn’t a long one thus, staying optimistic and resilient is the key mantra as Indians might pause but would never stop travelling. Bringing up further hope, the Ministry of Tourism has come up with a very innovative diagram to promote travel and tourism within India by launching a campaign called ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ to add fillip to both knowing India, as a tourist destination, today and selling India tomorrow. TravelScapes knows the importance of travelling as we literally swear by it and therefore, in the hardship of our travel days, we hand-pick some of the ‘must-visit’ destinations in India, based on the priority list of the MoT, that are surely poised to re-establish our conviction for travelling tomorrow


Experience Heritage: DELHI

Throughout the pages of history, the Indian subcontinent has witnessed the rise and fall of some of the world’s largest empires, but no dynasty stands out quite like the Mughals. For a glimpse of the grandeur and enduring architecture of Mughal India, set your sights on some the associated Indian monuments in Delhi. New Delhi is a huge, sprawling metropolis. An ancient city with a storied past, Delhi is one of the most historical cities on earth. It also has a very vibrant present as the capital of the world’s largest democracy. There are so many things to do in Delhi, it is hard to even know how to begin a Delhi city guide and what Delhi travel tips to offer, to visitors and tourists who want to explore and experience the best sights, hotels, attractions, landmarks and fun along with some of the trendy entertainment and things to do. Not to forget, its amazing gastronomic splendour mixing the spectacles of all the possible clans and cultures that have occupied or even touched the soils of New Delhi in the past pages of history.


Experience Culture: WEST BENGAL

Locally, Kolkata is regarded as India’s intellectual, artistic and cultural capital. India’s third-largest city is a daily fiesta of human existence, simultaneously noble and squalid, cultured yet outlandish, decidedly futuristic while splendid in its decays. This city is more relaxed than some of its modern Indian counterparts while the residents claim a strong relationship to its both colonial and zamindari (feudal) pasts. In the ‘City of Joy’, one may learn about the local history, culture, food and people as one moves around the bustling streets and quaint avenues of the city. In Kolkata, learn how the British East India Company, the Dutch as well as the Nawabs had authority over India for years and hear the stories about the local shops, architecture and take pictures of the famous Victoria Memorial. Moreover, the vehemently reputed Durga Puja that acts as the epitome of all art and culture culminated in borders of Bengal is currently the prime reason why Kolkata bring more than what true culture has to speak for itself.


Experience Responsibility: 

Kerala is a narrow sliver of land at the southern tip of India that’s blessed with a diverse landscape and mesmerising culture. You experience sweeping mountain vistas, expansive tea estates set up during colonial rule, tranquil backwaters and pristine beaches. While the natural beauty of the land will soothe the senses, Kerala’s ancient art forms like Kathakali and Theyam will enthral each of its tourist and visitor. But unlike many other travel destinations, Kerala has managed to develop its tourism while still maintaining the beauty of the land, the wellbeing of its people and their culture. Kerala has emerged as one of the prime tourism destinations on both the national and international map and is considered as the tourism trendsetter in the country. The availability of plenty of natural resources, skilled manpower, supportive entrepreneurial community, strong local-self-governments, civil society organisations, a multitude of micro-enterprises, streams of professionals and academicians, responsible media and responsive tourism industry, provide the state with an ideal setting to implement and practice ‘Responsible Tourism.’


Experience wonders: MADHYA PRADESH

Often referred to as the ‘Heart of India’, there couldn’t be a more apt name for the vibrant Madhya Pradesh. Despite the large number of experiences that this beautiful state offers, it is an underrated destination in India. Exploring the second-largest state in the country is not an easy feat. The sheer size of the state overwhelms even seasoned travellers and you can be assured that one trip is simply not enough to explore Madhya Pradesh. Each city deserves at least a couple of days and unless you have one month in hand, you’ll be coming back for more. What also sets Madhya Pradesh apart from other destinations is that the state offers a unique mix of history, natural beauty, wildlife, delicious culinary experiences, shopping, adventure and spirituality. Home to world-famous tourist attractions and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Madhya Pradesh tourism effortlessly takes you on an enthralling tour. The mesmerising temples of Khajuraho, the majestic Sanchi Stupa, Bandhavgarh National Park, the temples of Ujjain and Gwalior Fort are only a few highlights mentioned in our Madhya Pradesh travel guide to tempt you to plan your trip.


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