Uttarakhand opens its doors for tourism, no quarantine period for tourists

Tourists coming from other states to Uttarakhand will be able to tour the state without stopping, without being quarantined, with reports of Covid-19 being negative. The Char Dham Yatra will currently be available only to the residents of Uttarakhand.

Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj said “Tourists from other states are welcome in Uttarakhand’s Devbhoomi. Hopefully, every tourist will enter the state with Covid-19 negative test report and enjoy the beautiful tourist places of Uttarakhand. The threat of any kind of infection in the state will be prohibited and the tourism business of the state will gain new momentum. People working in the tourism sector will get employment again. ”

Uttarakhand Tourism Secretary Dilip Jawalkar informed that all tourists coming from other states of the country will have to upload the report related to Covid-19 test on the portal of Smart City Dehradun at the time of registration and also they must necessarily do this while traveling in the state and have to take the report along with them. Tourists who have not been given the Covid-19 test will be able to enter the state in the event of a minimum seven-day hotel booking and after 7 days they will be able to visit any place in the state. They will be able to stay in the hotel premises for the first seven days.

Hotels will also have to ensure that guests booking less than 7 days have received RT-PCR test from ICMR authorized laboratory in the last 72 hours and their Covid-19 test is found to be negative. Inter-state tourists will be allowed to travel anywhere in the state, but they will have to be compulsorily registered on the smart city portal.

Giving details about the new guidelines, Jawalkar said “Guests coming from Uttarakhand and other states to attend the wedding ceremony will not have to be quarantined although it will be conditioned that apart from the place of marriage will not be able to visit places. All of them have to sign and submit a self-declaration form. The hotel or the banquet hall organizing the wedding ceremony will inform the local administration in this regard and will ensure thermal screening and social distancing. Also, they have to compulsorily create a database of their employees and visitors.

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