We are looking for travellers who appreciate what they get for the offered price

Ambassador of Finland to India, Nina Vaskunlahti discloses that the destination is reaching out Indian travellers who appreciate value-for-money trips to indulge in the off-the-beaten-track experiences

Ever since Finland re-entered the India market in 2018, with expectations of attracting a bigger number of travellers, the tourism department of the ‘Land of Midnight Sun’ has been consistently toiling to bring new tourism products and experiences for this country. Vaskunlahti shares how the destination is a notch higher in terms of pricing when compared to other European destinations, considering the unconventional offerings that Finland has to offer. Establishing a vast presence amongst both the consumer and trade-end platforms, respectively, she informs that Finland is looking forward to more of the crème-de-la-crème of ‘class’ tourists instead of the ‘mass’ segment. Observing the shifting trend of the Indian travellers of looking out for new and niche destinations, the Embassy of Finland, under the supervision of Vaskunlahti plans to showcase the unconventional offerings of Finland as a tourist destination.

“It is a fact of life that special things come with a price, therefore experiences in Finland do cost a bit more than any other neighbouring countries but visitors also get a value-for-money trip to this destination. So, we are looking for travellers who appreciate what they get for the offered price. Also, we are concentrating on travellers who want something unusual from nature’s point of views such as lots of lakes, forests along with pure, fresh air or Finnish winters in Lapland or in southern Finland. I would welcome travellers of every kind who appreciate what Finland has to offer, not just its pristine nature and seasons but also its striking cultural activities,” she states and continues saying how Finland is also looking forward to more visitations of Indian students to her country for graduate and post-graduate studies, considering that the Finnish education system is ranked among the best in the world.

When enquired about how the tourism department of Finland, working in tandem with the Embassy, is planning to position its destination as a top preference for the Indian travellers, Vaskunlahti replies, “India is a very spirited market thus, one really has to put in effort on how to promote their offerings to the travellers. Primarily, we are engaging with the ‘right people’, be it the writers, journalists, travel agents or tour operators, while enhancing our targeted marketing in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. We are also concentrating on certain segments such as MICE and solo travellers, especially women, as Finland is a safe country to travel.” She further affirms, “Concentration, segmentation and discussion with the multi-players is our agenda and trying not to swallow the whole of India in one bite but little by little would be our approach.” Speaking of strengthening the bilateral ties between the two countries that would eventually boost tourism, both ways, Vaskunlahti shares that the year 2019 is the 70th anniversary of Indo-Finnish diplomatic relations and the country is planning of several cultural events with a special opera named ‘Savitri’, taking place in New Delhi towards end of March. “This year, we will promote Finnish architecture and designs and showcase our truest architectural heritage. Also, we will endorse some travellers and writers to visit Finland and preach about our place, this year.”

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