Weaving the Fascinating Sagas of Unplumbed Terrains

Terra Tales aims to flip the cliché in the booming hospitality market


We keep hearing inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs and how they initiated innovative ventures- how they are using their abilities and influence to improve the prospects for other women. One such entrepreneur who proved the phrase- ‘when a woman succeeds, everyone succeeds’ true, Gita Chaudhry, Founder & Owner of Terra Tales, has broken barriers and entrusted her extensive work experience while aiding partners to elevate the mere perception of conventional accommodations and taking a leap forward to launch experiences instead. From bespoke sojourns to offering the seamless local experiences and creating exceptional staycations, the partner hotels of Terra Tales have over the years, added a big dollop of newness to the way people look at hotel stays. Chaudhry, while expressing her relentless zeal of not stopping anytime soon, never-ending quench for success and willingness to walk the extra mile to bring the company on the success expressway, says that Terra Tales looks forward to brilliant growth in the coming five years with a consistent focus to move faster, execute better and surpass the competition


  • As an indigenous brand, what does Terra Tales add to the Indian hospitality segment?

The team at Terra Tales has a vision to bring forward incredible experiences of a varied nature. As the name suggests, we weave the fascinating sagas around various regions, many of which have not been explored with fresh perspectives in place. Moreover, we desire that the guests are able to curate their own unique and marvellous stories at our partner properties and narrate their account to others, inspiring them to travel, explore and experience. As an indigenous brand, we are focusing on unravelling the matchless beauty, offering incredible experiences and making travellers fall in love with our nation, its heritage, its uniqueness and untold stories.


  • What kind of transformations have you seen in the hospitality industry in the past decade? What shifts in trends have you observed in the mid-sized boutique hotels segment?

Several players, big and small, have entered the domain in the last decade, adding several layers of competition and providing myriad great options to the tourists to select from. Moreover, it is about not only comfortable boarding and lodging any longer. It is way beyond and encompasses great and unique experiences with comfort level intact. For this, people are willing to spend a premium. The mid-sized boutique hotels have started embracing the promotion tools and techniques more actively and are willing to put in investments to provide refreshing experiences to their target groups, each time and every time. Further, they are diversifying themselves in terms of services and offerings so that the guests can be retained for various purposes. Retention has become one of the major focus points, as competition is fierce.


  • As an industry veteran, what would be your advice to women venturing into hospitality?

The hospitality sector is a fascinating sector where many women can be seen exploiting their creativity and wonderful notions. Many of them have carved out a niche for themselves. During the last five years or so, I have witnessed many women venturing into this sector from every nook and cranny of India. Many of them have introduced path-breaking ideas like organising exclusive women group trips and tours to various domestic and international destinations. They have received a great response and phenomenal success. Further, they are bringing more and more creativity in their overall working, which is helping them to grow significantly in this ever-evolving sector.

My only piece of advice to the women in this sector is to explore as much as you want but decide on a particular segment instead of spreading wings in all the directions. Once you build your core competency in terms of your exclusive segment, diversifying becomes easier, sensible and prudent.


  • How is your influential background in hospitality aiding your work at Terra Tales?

The relevant and rich work experience helps a great deal and it worked well in my case as well. My active and deep involvement in the hospitality sector for more than two decades where I wore several hats and handled some key profiles helped me acquiring business for my properties. Moreover, my strong and effective network and networking skills also helped to increase my portfolio qualitatively and quantitatively.


  • What kind of challenges did you come across during the initial years of Terra Tales? Where do you see the company in the next five years?

There were initial hiccups, especially to get the first few boutique properties on board. Despite my rich and long experience, I faced competition galore but it helped me evolve as a tough and progressive entrepreneur. Moreover, there were challenges related to operations and effective team formation, but all these aspects came under control in due course. I am confident that Terra Tales will emerge as one of the prominent names for domestic and inbound clients who wish to gather best of the experiences amidst contemporary comforts sans fidgeting with the natural surroundings. We are working quite hard to build such a reputation and stature and expect to reach that level in the next five years.

  • Guest experience forms a crucial aspect of the hospitality industry, how is Terra Tales revolutionising it?

We keep a close tab on the experiences every guest has at our partner properties. The great experiences make them remember the property in a positive light and spread the positive word. We attempt to highlight their great experiences on various platforms but also work closely with our partner properties to look into the aspects that demand attention for improvement and attempt to get the issues fixed at the earliest.


  • Is there any particular element that you would like to change about the hospitality industry?

Being commercial is understandable but has to be to an extent. Like many other sectors, the hospitality sector is growing largely commercial and it is purely about moolah. The key ethos viz. ethics, transparency, commitment and delivery have somewhat taken a backseat. Hospitality shall not be seen as a mere transactional activity and must overcome this unseen challenge before it slips out of the hands.

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